Swiss Rolex Watches: Why Deserve Your Buying?

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When asking what impressed you the deeply for the Rolex watches, you may answer its workmanship without thinking anything. Yes, the workmanship of Rolex watches is outstanding of course. Rolex is luxury watch brand made in Switzerland, its design and  production always maintain the traditional style. Its performance include fully automatic, single calendar, double calendar, waterproof, dustproof, etc., for its workmanship, Rolex makes perfection more perfect, especially the watch dial, watch crown and watch strap, which are classic and unique among all the watch brands.

Maybe some Rolex fans will have deep impression on the waterproof performance of the Rolex watch. After the first world war Stopped in 1926, Wisconsin doffer created the world’s first waterproof and dustproof watch, which became known as the Rolex OYSTER watch, and the so-called OYSTER perpetual, namely the waterproof device designed according to the simulation of the structure of the OYSTER. In 1927, the famous British female swimmer Natalie miyuki DEs worn this kind of waterproof watch to swim across the English channel, and after it was soaked in the water for 15 hours, the watch was still in accurate time and was still intact. In fact, the incident has also become a classic events marketing of the Rolex brand, from then on, Rolex oyster perpetual “water-resistant “ watches have become famous.

Besides, the function of automatic also is the highlight of the Rolex watch that to be expensive.

In 1931, the world’s first “PERPETUAL” watch born under the Rolex brand, and the mean axis of this watch has a pendulum thallium, which can convert manual swinging potential energy to watch power, so the there is no need to wind by hand, therefore called “PERPETUAL” watch. The advent of the Rolex “perpetual” watch has brought a revolution to the watch industry, and also became a milestone in the history the watch development.

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