Choose Rolex Watches to Go Traveling in Summer

rolex yachtmaster replica
rolex yachtmaster replica

You are not advised to but another similar replica watch as long as those watches with GMT/UTC/Dual Time can adjust time. In our travelling, particularly travelling through the different time zone, we should have a watch that can read second time zone. We should buy a replica Rolex watch that allows us to precise time no matter where we go. And now let’s go dig some. Remember: those we find are launched in 2014, and if you could not find it in the market, then pass it.

1) Yacht-Master II 116680

For this Rolex watches, there include 4160 movement and the 4161 movement. To be honest, they are almost the same. We can find from its material that they have two big difference. But both are classic, then a bunches of components are made of Rolex On UV-LiGA techniques. With this technology, it can improve the shapes and density of components , and you can not achieve it without the original skills. Yacht-Master II belongs to the high-level watches and is designed especially for yachting. So far brands connecting with such activity are Rolex, Panerai, LV and TAG Heuer, etc.

2) Rolex Sky-Dweller 326935

What fitted with Rolex Sky-Dweller 326935 is the 9001 movement that passes the COSC tests. It has 380 components on it and owned 7 patents, so it is still one of the most complex movements in the world. As the kernel part of a watch, 9001 movement is same to all the Oyster movements which are precise and reliable. Its balance system has Rolex Parachrom hairspring. The balance wheel is fitted with Paraflex anti-shock system to improve its performance on anti-shocking.  Besides, the Saros calendar and Ring Command are solid enough. 9001 movement is fitted with Rolex perpetual rotor to achieve automatic winding.

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