Swiss Rolex Watches: Why Deserve Your Buying?

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rolex submariner replica swiss grade 1

When asking what impressed you the deeply for the Rolex watches, you may answer its workmanship without thinking anything. Yes, the workmanship of Rolex watches is outstanding of course. Rolex is luxury watch brand made in Switzerland, its design and  production always maintain the traditional style. Its performance include fully automatic, single calendar, double calendar, waterproof, dustproof, etc., for its workmanship, Rolex makes perfection more perfect, especially the watch dial, watch crown and watch strap, which are classic and unique among all the watch brands.

Maybe some Rolex fans will have deep impression on the waterproof performance of the Rolex watch. After the first world war Stopped in 1926, Wisconsin doffer created the world’s first waterproof and dustproof watch, which became known as the Rolex OYSTER watch, and the so-called OYSTER perpetual, namely the waterproof device designed according to the simulation of the structure of the OYSTER. In 1927, the famous British female swimmer Natalie miyuki DEs worn this kind of waterproof watch to swim across the English channel, and after it was soaked in the water for 15 hours, the watch was still in accurate time and was still intact. In fact, the incident has also become a classic events marketing of the Rolex brand, from then on, Rolex oyster perpetual “water-resistant “ watches have become famous.

Besides, the function of automatic also is the highlight of the Rolex watch that to be expensive.

In 1931, the world’s first “PERPETUAL” watch born under the Rolex brand, and the mean axis of this watch has a pendulum thallium, which can convert manual swinging potential energy to watch power, so the there is no need to wind by hand, therefore called “PERPETUAL” watch. The advent of the Rolex “perpetual” watch has brought a revolution to the watch industry, and also became a milestone in the history the watch development.

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Rolex Daytona Watches: Reviews on Daytona Babysbreath Diamond Watches

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rolex daytona replica watches

This Rolex Babysbreath Diamond Daytona watch was sold at the price of more than 800,000 RMB, and the ornament of ruby is the icing on the cake. The four watches of this series are made of 18K gold or platinum, mother pearl shellfish, diamond and 904L stainless steel. And the watch dials of these four Daytona watches are adopting the small size of 26mm in diameter. Among these four Rolex Babysbreath Daytona Diamond Watches, there are two watches of gold and steel gold for the Ref. 179383, and one of them is using the simple oyster three lines of straps and equipped with the oyster strap buckle which can have the 5 mm watch strap adjustment. And the other one is equipped with the Rolex memorable five lines of strap, and the watch dial adopts the golden and gray Rolex memorable dark pattern design with the two lines of both sides being steel material and the middle three lines being gold material, with the crown watch buckle.

What we should pay close attention to is the Rolex mechanical watch’s steal-stop problem, because there are so many reasons that can cause the Rolex mechanical watch steal-stop situation. Mechanical Rolex watches should have regular maintenance (generally 2-3 years per time), in addition, you should also pay attention to shock and energy supply. If the Rolex watches happen the steal-stop problem, you should timely send it to professional Rolex watches maintenance organization for maintenance. For those lack of maintenance, you should have the unpick and wash service for the components and parts; Adjust the gear failure and replace related components. If the winding is insufficient, just have full winding for it in time.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on Tag Heuer Carrera CAR2C11.FC6327 Watch

The Carbide coating titanium watch case of 45 mm fine grinding is made by fine grind arenaceous STAINLESS STEEL. On the dark grey outer there is equipped with accelerometer and pulse meter, middle red central timing pointer, so as to record all the thrilling speed and feeling. On the watch dial which is composed of different shades of grey color, the timing and display functions are cleverly divided. 30 minutes and 12 hours timer dial respectively are set at the position of 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock and the second hand is placed at 6 o ‘clock position, and cancelled the scale dial boldly to offer the position to the date display at 6 o ‘clock position. Watchcase design is originated from TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrogirder Chronograph which won the “gold pointer awards” in 2012, and its watch crown and timing set button are set on top of a tilted slightly asymmetric watch case.

Different from replica rolex daytona, the asymmetric case of the CAR2C11.FC6327 is inspired by classic second chronograph consisted of two parts, the free top crown and buttons, polishing and fine grinding arenaceous black titanium carbide stainless steel case, and polishing, fine grinding and sanding pure steel frame. Tag Heuer Carrera CAR2C11.FC6327 is matched with the Black punched calfskin. And stainless steel folding watch buckle with security button, which is decorated with the Tag Heuer’s classical logo.

Through the smoky color sapphire crystal bottom cover of the CAR2C11.FC6327 you can enjoy the Tag Heuer homemade Calibre 1887 movement, and on the bottom cover there is engraved with Jack Heuer family badge and signature. Calibre 1887 is integrated guide pin wheel wrist watch movement, featuring vibration of 28800 times per hour, dynamic storage for 50 hours, and it is composed of 320 components, which is the is the bold reform of the inspiration source of its brand 1887 patent oscillating gear and matching blue guide pin wheel. Also check rolex yachtmaster replica watches for more deals.