Swiss Watches: Reviews on Tag Heuer Carrera CAR2C11.FC6327 Watch

The Carbide coating titanium watch case of 45 mm fine grinding is made by fine grind arenaceous STAINLESS STEEL. On the dark grey outer there is equipped with accelerometer and pulse meter, middle red central timing pointer, so as to record all the thrilling speed and feeling. On the watch dial which is composed of different shades of grey color, the timing and display functions are cleverly divided. 30 minutes and 12 hours timer dial respectively are set at the position of 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock and the second hand is placed at 6 o ‘clock position, and cancelled the scale dial boldly to offer the position to the date display at 6 o ‘clock position. Watchcase design is originated from TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrogirder Chronograph which won the “gold pointer awards” in 2012, and its watch crown and timing set button are set on top of a tilted slightly asymmetric watch case.

Different from replica rolex daytona, the asymmetric case of the CAR2C11.FC6327 is inspired by classic second chronograph consisted of two parts, the free top crown and buttons, polishing and fine grinding arenaceous black titanium carbide stainless steel case, and polishing, fine grinding and sanding pure steel frame. Tag Heuer Carrera CAR2C11.FC6327 is matched with the Black punched calfskin. And stainless steel folding watch buckle with security button, which is decorated with the Tag Heuer’s classical logo.

Through the smoky color sapphire crystal bottom cover of the CAR2C11.FC6327 you can enjoy the Tag Heuer homemade Calibre 1887 movement, and on the bottom cover there is engraved with Jack Heuer family badge and signature. Calibre 1887 is integrated guide pin wheel wrist watch movement, featuring vibration of 28800 times per hour, dynamic storage for 50 hours, and it is composed of 320 components, which is the is the bold reform of the inspiration source of its brand 1887 patent oscillating gear and matching blue guide pin wheel. Also check rolex yachtmaster replica watches for more deals.

Choose Rolex Watches to Go Traveling in Summer

rolex yachtmaster replica
rolex yachtmaster replica

You are not advised to but another similar replica watch as long as those watches with GMT/UTC/Dual Time can adjust time. In our travelling, particularly travelling through the different time zone, we should have a watch that can read second time zone. We should buy a replica Rolex watch that allows us to precise time no matter where we go. And now let’s go dig some. Remember: those we find are launched in 2014, and if you could not find it in the market, then pass it.

1) Yacht-Master II 116680

For this Rolex watches, there include 4160 movement and the 4161 movement. To be honest, they are almost the same. We can find from its material that they have two big difference. But both are classic, then a bunches of components are made of Rolex On UV-LiGA techniques. With this technology, it can improve the shapes and density of components , and you can not achieve it without the original skills. Yacht-Master II belongs to the high-level watches and is designed especially for yachting. So far brands connecting with such activity are Rolex, Panerai, LV and TAG Heuer, etc.

2) Rolex Sky-Dweller 326935

What fitted with Rolex Sky-Dweller 326935 is the 9001 movement that passes the COSC tests. It has 380 components on it and owned 7 patents, so it is still one of the most complex movements in the world. As the kernel part of a watch, 9001 movement is same to all the Oyster movements which are precise and reliable. Its balance system has Rolex Parachrom hairspring. The balance wheel is fitted with Paraflex anti-shock system to improve its performance on anti-shocking.  Besides, the Saros calendar and Ring Command are solid enough. 9001 movement is fitted with Rolex perpetual rotor to achieve automatic winding.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on IWC Portofino IW356502 Watch

swiss replica watches
swiss replica watches

In the ancient times when watches did not exist the people calculated time with the direction of the sun. When life got a little developed man calculated time with the sand watch later clocks and wall clocks came to trend. With the scientific researches, every person came to have IWC wrist watches. Among all the IWC watches, the IWC Portofino IW356502 is a great choice for the IWC fans.

The Portofino IW356502 watch is classically elegant in the Portofino watch family that reflects the first attitude towards life. The Portofino watches had been more than a quarter of a century, which had been the unassuming star from the IWC collections; it had given an expression of understatement with a good taste. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, there had been a mass-production of watches with the quartz movements and ever more design of the watches that had been dominating over the market. There had been more demand on the more classical models. The IW356502 watches were reliable; and IW356502 of IWC Portofino series also had to retain their value and also be stylish in looks. The visual concept came from the reference of 380 that were manufactured in the year 1950 for the new watch family came from timeless watches that are purist and inspired, with functional lines that are largely determined the basic design of the Portofino watch line.

For the IW356502, you need to know more about it in the follows: Leather Bracelet, Case Diameter of 40mm, Case Material of Stainless Steel 316L, Thickness of 9mm, black watch band, Sapphire Glass, Black Dial, Swiss Cal.35110 Automatic Movement, Waterproof of 30m, Functions including Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Day/Date (Set via Crown) . IW356502 WATCHES have the durable wrist bracelet that is tough and water resistance, and it gives a unique look in its self.

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Vacheron Constantin Watches: Reviews on Vacheron Constantin Overseas 49150/000W-9501

vacheron constantin replica watches
vacheron constantin replica watches

Watch now is not just a pronoun of time, it is more the symbol of wealth and power. Both belong to the ranks of Swiss watch, but which is better when it comes to the comparison of vacheron constantin and rolex replica? For those men who have less accessories, it is important for them to choose a wrist watch that has similar temperament with themselves. vacheron constantin replica will be much suitable for your own taste. Here let’s take an example of the vacheron constantin watch for more discussion and detailed information.

When buying watch, you cannot only consider the watch style and performance, as the watch history is also within the considerable range.

Vacheron constantin founded in Geneva, Switzerland, is one of the world’s most ancient and one of the earliest watch factories. For vacheron constantin replica, from simple and elegant style to the excelsior complex design, from daily wear style to expensively noble diamond wrist watch, each wrist watch represents the height of tabulation technology Swiss senior clocks and watches, which embodies the outstanding position of the vacheron constantin watches in the world watch industry and its technology and aesthetic pursuit.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Collection 49150/000W-9501 mechanical man’s watch

This watch is made of pure stainless steel and titanium material, which is sending out the silver metallic luster, and the cohesion is a brown alligator strap, screw-plug watch crown, 12 o’clock double date display window has lasting appeal; Dark grey watch dial is decorated with the exquisite three pointers, slowly slide past white lacquer painting three-dimensional stainless steel as standard. The design of the long finish of artistic conception lets a person fall in love with it and its charm attracts those men pursuing  freedom and fashion and elegance. It is a top-rated watch in the world that worth your buying to show your nobility and charm.

Blancpain Watches: Reviews on the Villeret 6263-3642A-55b Watch

best replica watches
best replica watches

This watch applies with 18K rose gold watch case and the ear, the case side sets with a fast-tuning device. From the official data we know the thickness of the watch is 10.7 mm, wearing on the wrist you will feel it very comfortable. Watch on the dial reproduces the moon phase changes, but also reflects the long history of the link between the watchmaking technology and astronomy. Moon phase watch shows the moon stage in the new moon, gradually surplus, full moon or gradually loss. Villeret 6263-3642A-55b Watch applies with 38 mm milky white dial design, at 6 o’clock position there sets with a small seconds design, and in the small seconds dial there sets with moon phase profit and loss display. At 12 o’clock position there sets with week and month display window. The date display design is a pointer design. Villeret 6263-3642A-55b Watch is matching with a folding needle buckle, which is made of 18K rose gold, the advantage of folding buckle is after adjusting the position of the needle buckle, wearing and removing the watch can be completed by folding device, so you can reduce the abrasion of the crocodile leather Strap.

In 1983, Blancpain launched the world’s first self-winding movement featuring smallest size, and can show the moon phase, week, month and date, so that at that time this complex function that has disappeared was born again. Since then, the watch factory on the mechanical device has been perfected, so that the integration of the moon’s calendar function has become a symbol of the brand characteristics, Blancpain eventually in 2009 launched the revolutionary 66R9-type movement. This movement can be calibrated the day calendar and moon phase display at any time, and will not affect its mechanical device, which is a world’s first technology.

Blancpain Villeret 6263-3642A-55b Watch is carrying cal.6763 self-winding movement, and it can provide 100 hours of power reserve. Movement diameter is of 27 mm, the movement thickness is of 4.9 mm, with a total of 262 parts.

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Swiss Watches for Men: Comparison on the Jaeger-LeCoultre and Rolex

replica rolex daytona watches
replica rolex daytona watches

In terms of personality, each one has its advantages.

As the two famous watchmaking brands, their personality is also their vitality, or core competitiveness. Rolex has always been famous for its high waterproof performance made of the classic oyster structure, which has produced many sports and leisure style watches, such as Submariner, Deepsea, Daytona and so on. As you know, although Rolex sports leisure style is significant, it does not prevent a lot of watches to match with dress, and in fact, many Rolex lovers also do so. Even so, it has not a strong sense of violation, which is an important reason  of why a lot of Rolex watches were known as joker watches. At present, apart from Rolex, it is difficult for other brands to do so. Jaeger-LeCoultre also serves as a traditional advanced watchmaking brand, but it’s a different story. Because compared to Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre almost has no sports leisure watches, and more of them are formal dress watches. Especially the Jaeger-LeCoultre Masters Series, it looks very elegant. As far as I know, a lot of Jaeger-LeCoultre lovers are attracted by the elegant handsome appearance at first sight.

In terms of price, there is a concrete analysis

If we fully analyze all of the two brands, we will find out that there is a reason for the previous statement that Jaeger-LeCoultre is a notch above Rolex. Jaeger-LeCoultre has a lot of watches with many complex functions. Whether it is tourbillon, minute repeater, permanent calendar and other top-level complex functions, Jaeger-LeCoultre products can make it. They all have a very high price, some of them are even ridiculously high, this is also the reason why Jaeger-LeCoultre  a notch above Rolex in the overall level. But when a friend asks the headline question, “ten to one” means the two watches that have similar price of Jaeger-LeCoultre and Rolex , especially rolex submariner swiss replica. Of course, if you have a Rolex and Jaeger-LeCoultre at the same time, it’s also a nice collocation. For example, owning a thousands-of-dollars Submariner, and a tens-of-thousands-of-dollars Jaeger-LeCoultre master, can be not only a simultaneous existence, but also a harmonious things.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on Cartier Tank Watches

cartier replica watches
cartier replica watches

As a well-know premium Jewelry & watch brands, Cartier has always been well received. Its watchmaking crafts, creative aesthetics, superb technology, new ideas and forward-looking vision are highlighting the extraordinary achievements again by Tank MC watch since the brand’s birth. Tank was born in 1917. With its bold and innovative design of rectangular watchcase, the legend of a watch series has been opened. The watchcase and watchband blend into one harmonious whole. The compact lines achieve a precise style. The spirit of freedom and elegance make it become a popular classic design, but also become the favorite of celebrities. Today, Tank watches continue to develop and inspire many innovative designs, at the same time, it also keeps its characteristics.

The Tank MC series watch is made for paying tribute to the Cartier’s top watchmaking technology and elegant style. The special dial, resolute lines, perfect arc, rhythm of the small second hand, together with the first Cartier self-made 1904 MC automatic upper chain mechanism movement, present the time with liberal tolerance. It is become a watch full of men’s charm in the immortal and classic

Fashion, independent, innovative but be true to himself, these qualities make Mr. Andy Lau the best performer of the watch series. He has the courage to break through the limitations and get rid of a single acting style, which confirms the motto of the tank Watch — Never Stop. Mr. Andy Lau has appeared in more than 130 films and won awards, showing the splendor and momentum of the Asian Film Industry. Mr. Andy Lau, who joined Cartier for the first time last year, attended the Tank watch night in Shanghai. He uphold the same idea with Tank, making him become one of the famous persons who interprets the tank watch with unique personal style.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on Longines L4.774.4.96.6 Watch

The quality of the strap is actually very important to ensure the safety of the watch, because the buckle model is one of the biggest factors that cause the watch got lost. Butterfly buckle strap in this area has prominent advantage, because the “butterfly buckle” component is relatively long, when it matches with the watch, on the wrist the watch support and control is better, the watch will not turn around, especially suitable for those fake swiss watches whose diameter and the thickness are big. Moreover, there are insurance buckle lock, which will be more secure. Here we are to take a review on a butterfly buckle watch in the follows!

Longines L4.774.4.96.6 Watch

Watch diameter: 36 mm

Movement type: automatic mechanical movement

Case Material: Stainless steel

Waterproof depth: 30 meters

Watch reviews: This Longines man watch has the 36 mm diameter case, when wearing on the wrist, it is filling small and elegant, yet shows the stylish and noble image. Through the sapphire crystal glass mirror, round blue dial is vivid, especially significant and dazzling, at 3 o’clock position there is a calendar display window, Arabic numerals and strip time scales are arranged in patchwork, and it is very accurate and reliable. This Swiss watch is matching with silver stainless steel strap and butterfly-style clasp, highlighting the men calm atmosphere temperament. Longines L4.774.4.96.6 Watch is equipped with 2892A2 model movement, with automatic winding function, and has the waterproof depth of 30 meters.

Some people say that butterfly buckle is more troublesome when wearing it, in fact, you will feel very simple after wearing it skilled, there is no complicated steps, just wear a watch, detain on both sides to the middle to wear it well. Do not worry about fear of damage to it, because the butterfly buckle is made of steel, fully able to withstand the normal tension of the pull.

Top 10 Elegant Dress Watches for Men

Top 10 Elegant Dress Watches for Men

Top 10 Elegant Dress Watches for Men ABTW Editors' Lists

The aBlogtoWatch team has made dressing up that much easier (and costlier) with our list of the top 10 elegant dress watches. In life, we usually avoid complications, in a dress watch as well, the less the better, a simple uncluttered dial is one of the timeless qualities that a dress watch should fulfill. The focus should ideally be on the essence of a watch. The time in hours and minutes, and little if anything more. Some of the best examples even avoid seconds hands.

A good men’s dress watch also needs to be discreet enough to not distract from your attire – and preferably, sometimes on a leather strap that matches your belt and shoes. Slenderness (thickness of the case) is another virtue in a classic dress watch, being of a diminutive height so that it slides easily under a shirt cuff and gives a subtle wrist presence.

While a dress watch that uses stainless steel is fine, wearing one gives you a good opportunity to have some precious metal on your wrist and to add a further touch of class, a fine mechanical movement is a good choice, especially since this will also add value to a style of watch that is typically an heirloom.

Top 10 Elegant Dress Watches for Men ABTW Editors' Lists

Cartier Tank

Created in 1917 and first offered for sale in 1922, the Cartier Tank is an iconic dress watch that since its inception, has been endlessly imitated.

Legend has it that the design of the Tank was inspired by aerial photographs of Renault FT-17 tanks when Louis Cartier saw them in his daily newspaper and the first model produced was a gift for General John J. Pershing as a token of France’s appreciation for his help in ending World War I.

Before the Cartier Tank, most wristwatches were little more than modified pocket watches for the wrist, the Tank was the first to really be conceived with comfort and style in mind.

One the most enduringly popular watch designs, its popularity is in no small part due to its distinctly refined Art deco aesthetic, something which has been present in all of its 250 plus model variations.

Over time, this classic watch has graced many a famous wrist including actors, politicians and royalty. Notably John F. Kennedy wore his Tank throughout most of his term in office and that Cary Grant, an actor noted for his sartorial elegance, chose the Tank, also says something for its design.

Currently, it’s offered in five models: the Francaise, Americaine, Anglaise, Solo and Louis Cartier. The ultra-thin Louis Cartier model offers their greatest display of craftsmanship. Originally released in 1922, it is now offered with quartz, automatic or manual movements. Prices start from as little as $2,000 for Quartz versions.

Top 10 Elegant Dress Watches for Men ABTW Editors' Lists

Chopard L.U.C XP

The L.U.C XP model from Chopard won the top prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve in the category of ‘ultra-thin watches’ when it was launched in 2006. Being a very slender 6.8mm thick, it is powered by a just over 3mm thick Chopard L.U.C. automatic movement.

The LUC XP movement is the completely in-house calibre L.U.C 96.17-L, exhibiting a handsome blend of Cotes de Genève and circular graining. The movement benefits from Chopard’s Twin Technology, where two stacked mainspring barrels result in a power reserve of 65 hours – about 50% more than what is common, and even more noteworthy when you consider the thinness of the movement.

A handsome, timeless design, the XP has a black dial with a slight sheen to it, adding a greater sense of opacity and richness and the well proportioned Arabic numbers in white gold are nicely complimented by the dauphine hands. At 39.5mm wide, the XP is a modern sized dress watch with a versatile contemporary look suiting both formal and less formal occasions. Priced at $15,350.

Top 10 Elegant Dress Watches for Men ABTW Editors' Lists

Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945

Girard-Perregaux is one of the least publicly known Swiss watch manufacturers. However, their history reveals some interesting models such as the first with a high-frequency movement in 1957. It is precisely their past that is the basis for the Vintage 1945 model launched in 1995 as a tribute to the original Art deco model and now one of the icons of the brand.

Taking the original design as its inspiration, the updated model shares many of its design features including the Art deco lugs and ergonomically curved case, but now in a larger more modern size, making the watch a nice blend of the classical and contemporary. The profile of the case was also redesigned in 2009 to give it a spherical form and to discreetly integrate the crown into the case. The dial features dual curves and is embellished by elegant Dauphine-style hands and a subsidiary seconds dial.

Available in pink gold and steel, the Vintage 1945 is a nice example of an Art deco style dress watch that captures the characteristic style and looks of the era and simultaneously presents a vision of the past while still being contemporary.The pink gold version pictured retails for about $20,000.

Top 10 Elegant Dress Watches for Men ABTW Editors' Lists

Grand Seiko

The high-end watch line Grand Seiko was for decades only available in Japan. But, in 2010 they started to ship certain models overseas for the first time. Built to exacting standards by Seiko’s most skilled watchmakers, this line has a a rich history of excellence.

Seiko has had for a long time, a preoccupation with accuracy in their watches, being pioneers in quartz, atomic and Spring Drive movements and having in-house testing even more stringent than Swiss COSC Chronometer certification. This model uses a Hi-Beat movement and accuracy is the focal point of this dress watch rather than slenderness.

Releasing their first Hi-Beat movement in 1968, Seiko has had plenty of time to perfect this type of movement, one that few brands attempt due to the difficulty involved. This model SBGH022 features a movement beating at 36,000bph and a high level of accuracy as a result. The embodiment of great Japanese craftsmanship and engineering virtuosity, this Grand Seiko dress watch has a superior level of detailing and polishing combined with performance and discretion. This is a watch you don’t wear to get noticed – except by serious watch aficionados-  but a dress watch you wear for your own satisfaction. It’s presented in a 40.2mm diameter, 13mm thick rose gold case and has a 37 jewel movement with a power reserve of 55 hours. This model SBGH022 retails for around $22,000 in gold.

Top 10 Elegant Dress Watches for Men ABTW Editors' Lists

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control

Inspired by their classical models from the 1950’s and named after a merciless series of tests, the Master Control was introduced in 1992. Despite the model’s nostalgic heritage it represented an innovation in the area of watch chronometry. Wanting to go beyond the standards of the day, Jaeger-LeCoultre devised a six week series of tests called  “1000 Hours Control” aimed at achieving this. Only after passing these rigorous tests did the watch receive the signature of the master-inspector inside the watch case and a gold seal bearing the individual test number.

A sunburst silver-toned dial featuring numbers at three of the dial’s four cardinal points is complimented by Dauphine hands indicating the hours and minutes with a baton-type seconds hand. Inside the 39mm case is the in-house caliber 899 automatic movement featuring a 43 hour power reserve and utilizing new technologies such as ceramic ball bearings and with its 22K gold rotor visible through the sapphire case back. The Master Control is a dress watch that represents great value and is also suitable for semi-formal, and sometimes casual occasions. Prices for the stainless steel version start at $4,000.

see the Top 5 Elegant Dress Watches for Men »

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